Who Can Help?

Community Caring Conference

Community Caring Conference was founded in 1976 as an organization committed to improve neighborhoods, address rising crime, and increase neighborhood awareness. Using the talents of a broad cross-section of individuals such as a board of directors, staff, block club council, block club members, sponsoring churches and other committees and volunteers, the Community Caring Conference works to improve the quality of life in the community. A spirit of caring and cooperation in discussing and resolving mutual concerns is a neighborhood watches and facilitating future activities of those groups. For more information, please email.

Rock Island Neighborhood Partners
Neighborhood Partners is a city-initiated and coordinated partnership that builds stronger working relationships among neighborhoods, city government, service agencies, schools, churches and businesses. Since 1996 the organization has assembled the talents of volunteer citizens and city and agency staff to improve quality of life and pride in Rock Island through education, resident self-sufficiency and enhanced, user-friendly municipal services. Neighborhood Partners task forces bring together neighborhood associations, agencies, city staff and other dynamic citizens to build on positive achievements or solve mutual community problems. The Neighborhood Leadership Task Force is specifically focused on mentoring new organizations and a source of great assistance.