Joining Neighborhood Partners & Benefits

Joining Neighborhood Partners

To join Neighborhood Partners, a neighborhood association simply needs to be based in Rock Island, possess by-laws and hold regular meetings. However, there are benefits to more formal organization, usually in the form of access to grant funds or charitable donations. Occasionally neighborhood associations can partner with a local organization or church as a fiscal sponsor. Existing neighborhood groups can serve as mentors if you choose to explore legal requirements and options related to incorporation and federal tax exempt status. Many organizations find professional assistance is necessary in filing these forms. Most neighborhood associations realize they must move toward formal organization once they undertake activities involving money.

Benefits of Being a Rock Island Neighborhood Partner

  • Provide individual and group direction on city-wide initiatives related to schools, leadership, problem properties, ordinances, and financial well-being;
  • Quarterly learning/informational sessions;
  • Access to scholarships for neighborhood-related conferences and workshops;
  • Web presence at;
  • Mentoring from other neighborhood associations;
  • Support and tips for your association’s newsletter;
  • Networking at Neighborhood Rendezvous.