Neighborhood Association Leader Tips

Some Important Tips on Being a Neighborhood Association Leader

  • Share the vision with others;
  • Share the workload by creating numerous opportunities for involvement to attract people with a wide range of skills and interests;
  • Share the glory and always, always, always publicly recognize those who helped or donated;
  • Welcome newcomers;
  • Make efforts to accommodate special needs populations (aged, disabled, immigrants with language barriers, parents with young children, etc.)
  • Make sure all meetings are productive, inclusive, start on time and review progress made to date;
  • Appoint people who are not part of the core group to important tasks or leadership roles in order to secure long-term vitality for the association and encourage new involvement and fresh perspectives;
  • Know your audience and summarize important points;
  • Keep public officials informed;
  • Get solid answers and don’t be satisfied with a vague response;
  • Be willing to let an idea ripen, plan adequately and await the right time for action;
  • Ask neighbors to make decisions instead of the core group or board making all of them;
  • Model the behavior you expect of others, and this includes maintaining a clean and neat property in the neighborhood.