Commercial / Industrial Revolving Loan Fund

The Commercial Industrial Revolving Loan Fund, or CIRLF, is available to businesses located in the City of Rock Island. This program is designed to provide low interest, gap financing for projects that bring services to and create jobs for citizens of Rock Island. 
Industrial, commercial/retail and service sector businesses, from start-up to established businesses, are eligible to use the program as long as they meet specified criteria. Loans can be used for new construction, reuse and modernization of facilities, purchase of machinery, and other business expenses. No loan through the CIRLF program shall exceed 30% of the total project cost. 

Loan applications are reviewed for compliance by staff and presented to a five member committee that votes to approve or deny the loan based on established criteria. 

The application for the CIRLF program can be made through the Neighborly software or by filling out the form below.

For questions about the CIRLF program or to confirm the eligibility of your project, please contact a member of the Economic Development team or the Community and Economic Development Department at (309) 732-2900.

CIRLF Application Form