Facade Improvement Program

The Facade Improvement Program provides a financial incentive to commercial property owners or tenants who are planning to renovate the exterior of a property. The program is designed as a match program with funds disbursed after all of the authorized work has been completed and all documentation submitted.  

Types of Available Matches

Maximum dollar for dollar match per occupied unit through the Façade Improvement Program is $7,500. 

  • A dollar for dollar match up to 25% of the total project cost (maximum match of $7,500) is available to office based, service, or non–retail businesses. 
  • A dollar for dollar match up to 50% of the total project cost (maximum match of $7,500) is available if the Commercial or Industrial building contains a retail business. 
  • A dollar for dollar match up to 75% of the total project cost (maximum match of $7,500) is available for the costs of Energy Star rated products, green roofs, and other energy-efficient or environmentally sound materials for exterior improvements to an existing commercial property.
Applicants must submit a completed application through the electronic application here (or by filling out a paper application), a completed W-9, and pre-qualify for participation in the program.

All work must be performed in compliance with all applicable City codes and ordinances. Payment of prevailing wages by all contractors, subcontractors, and laborers involved with the project is required. 

After successful participation in the facade program, there will be a three year wait period until an address is again eligible to participate in the facade program.



Possible Qualifying Expenses

Allowable costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Awnings
  • Building permits, architectural fees, and other labor and materials used to rehabilitate the facade
  • Cleaning or painting of exterior surfaces
  • Repair or restoration of architectural detailing
  • Signs
  • Storefront rehabilitation
  • Window / door repair or replacement

Availability of Funds

The Façade Improvement Program is funded on the City’s fiscal year calendar, which is January 1 - December 31. Until all program dollars have been committed, applications are considered on a first-come first served basis, dependent upon completion and acceptance into the program. You may obtain an application or a W-9 by clicking on the links.