Maps: Interactive & PDF

Many maps are available through Rock Island City Hall. A printed version can be requested by phone or in person. The fees are listed below.


 Rock Island Resident Information Map Rock Island Resident Information Map
Park and Rec Map Parks and Recreation Tour Map
Proposed Zoning Comparison Map Current and Previous Zoning Districts Comparison Map
Rock Island Public Artwork Rock Island Public Artwork Map


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** Fees
  • A size – (8.5" x 11"): Free
  • B size – (11" x 17"): $1 per sheet
  • C size – (17" x 22"): $2 per sheet
  • D size – (22" x 34"): $4 per sheet
  • E size – (34" x 44"): $6 per sheet (for black and white prints only)

Note: Fees may vary on the extent of color and paper used. Full-color, two-map sets of the Future Land Use maps (north and south) cost $36 each.