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Water Service Repair Program
Water Service Property of Customers
Many water customers do not realize that they own the water service to their property all the way to its connection with the City water main. If the water service begins to leak, the property owner is required to repair or replace it.

The City of Rock Island offers a Water Service Repair Program that will protect the property owner from the unexpected financial burden caused by water service repair. The average cost of replacing a water service is over $4,000.

  • The Water Service Repair Program is available to the owner or contract purchaser of residential or commercial property served by the water service.
  • The program is available to customers who own non-leaking water services that are 1½ inches in diameter or less.
  • Cost is $5 per month.
  • Pays up to $12,000 for the repair or replacement of leaking water services.
  • The program protects the property owner from the nuisance of arranging financing and hiring a plumbing contractor on short notice. In peak periods, it sometimes takes weeks to make arrangements for a plumbing repair and, in the meantime, there could be low water pressure or no water pressure.

The Water Service Repair Program Agreement will explain the details of this program.

To Register
To sign up for the Water Service Repair Program, please fill out a Voluntary Service Application and return it to the Finance Department at 1528 3rd Avenue.

To cancel the Water Service Repair Program, please fill out a Voluntary Service Cancellation and return it to the Finance Department at 1528 3rd Avenue.

Other Programs Available
The City also offers a Sewer Lateral Repair Program.

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