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1. How much does it cost to rent the King Center?
2. When does summer day camp start and when can I sign-up?
3. How can I contact the Metro Youth Group – Drill Team Steppers?
4. What days/times can I get my taxes done?
5. What programs does the King Center offer free of charge?
6. Is Alcohol & Drug Education still located at the King Center?
7. Is Prairie Legal State Service, Inc. still located at the King Center?
8. Is Youth Service Bureau “YSB” still located at the King Center?
9. Where is Churches United located now?
10. Where is Safer Foundation located now?
11. Is the Success Net Work or Workforce Center still located at the King Center?
12. Does the King Center give any type of monetary donations for rent, utilities, food, etc.?
13. Do you have someone who can speak Spanish at the King Center?
14. Do you assist people with disabilities?
15. Can you assist w/applying for the Circuit Breaker for free or reduced cost for Metro Bus’s rides and discount on license plate?
16. Where I can expunge my record(s)?
17. Where can I get help with eye glasses?
18. Where can homeless women and children get help with finding shelter ?
19. How do I contact the N.A.A.C.P. office?
20. Who is over the VITA’s Income Tax Site for the QC?
21. How do I contact the R.I Striders Tack & Field Association?
22. Does the King Center sponsor for events?